Children GPS Smart Watch Q750

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Children GPS Smart Watch Q750 Baby Watch With Wifi 1.54inch Touch Screen SOS Call Location Device Kids Watch Phone Montre F15

Main parameters
Touch screen: yes
Material of strap: Edible silicon
Battery capacity: 600mAH
Charge time: 2.5 hours
Display Resolution: 240 * 240
Screen size: 1.54 inch
Camera: no
Standby time: 3-5 days
Operation RAM: 32M
Device RAM: 128M
Watch dimensions: 40 * 48 * 15.1mm
Net weight: 48g
Support app: Se tracker
Color: Red, blue
Radiation: Lower than cellphone, internation standard, harmless to human body
Location: Six location ways (LBS + WIFI + GPS + AGPS + gravity sensor + compass
Main function: Class mode, two-way conversion, voice monitor, sos button for help, anti-dropped alarm, chatting, pedometer, alarm clock, electronic fence, kids early learning, security location.

1, touch screen children GPS positioning watch support phone card SIM card, according to their own needs to choose, always keep in touch with your baby.
2, touch screen children GPS positioning watch on the waterproof level, watch the overall seal, the microphone location to install waterproof film, we are the highest level of life waterproof inside, also said that rain, wash your hands, no problem. (Swimming and bathing or can not wear)
3, touch screen children GPS positioning watch on standby and function, the use of ink screen and ultra-low power chip technology, the longest standby can reach 5 days, positioning using GPS + WIFI + base station + inertial navigation a variety of technologies, so that domestic positioning products The highest accuracy, so you real-time control of the latest developments in the child, the real use of rest assured and comfortable!
4, touch screen children GPS positioning watch parents can be remotely silent monitoring, keep abreast of the child’s situation, watch without any tips.